Dog+ On Demand Animal Therapy Services is an application intended as a stress release alternative for people who experience stress on a regular basis. Animal therapy is a service that has been around for generations but is not easily accessible to the general public. Our service allows anyone to easily integrate dog therapy into their everyday schedule and can be brought to a wide variety of venues including workplaces, schools, hospitals etc.
The key value proposition of our service is to help people relieve stress and experience companionship with dogs in a fun and
non-judgmental environment. Other benefits of this service include and is not limited to:
- Does not require you to bear the responsibilities of owning a dog, while still getting the benefits of the interactions.
- Allows you to support your local animal shelter, as this is where we propose the supply of socialized dogs to come from.
- Help in your decision making, “shopping” and learning of how to care for a dog, if you are looking to adopt.
- Convenience, because Dog+ services come to your venue of choice.

Our channels of reaching customers are web, mobile, by phone and in person. For the illustrative purposes of this final project, we have selected to create a mobile application experience to help customers reserve their Dog+ service.
The types of customers we anticipate to use this service and application are wide and varying, not limited to students, corporations, healthcare workers, etc.
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