Cahoots Organic Produce is a series of farms that utilizes vacant rooftops and backyards in the heart of New
York City. Cahoots relies on the aquaponic system to produce quality organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs
(and occasionally fish) to upscale restaurants that value quality ingredients.
Aquaponics are environmentally friendly and self-sustainable ecosystems created by the partnership of plants
and fish. The fish provide food for the plants, while plants recycle water back to the fish.
Cahoots Organic Produce prides itself on their innovations that have changed the farming industry, as well as its ability to provide restaurants with convenient, high quality, organic food. As well, the company is proud to be involved in educating those who are interested in change.
Cahoots means “to share equally” or “a partnership,” but also has an alternative meaning which is “to conspire.” I see the double meaning as an opportunity for the brand to be more playful. It is conspiring against the average farm and is doing something completely out of the ordinary.

Symbiotic relationship between the plants and the fish

Most restaurant owners do not keep the product list provided by their supplier; instead, they keep business cards and place orders by calling their suppliers. This unique business card is designed to provide a brief explaination on the benefits of using aquaponic-raised produce (100% organic and better taste) and a quick overview of how aquaponic works.
Several restaurants in New York City now owns a tablet dedicated for the restaurant whether for taking orders from customers or for internal use. Cahoots Organic Produce’s website is informative and functions as a product list. It is designed to be cross-platform compatible for accessibility and convenience.
Illustrations were drawn using reference images from my own photo library and various found images.
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